Mykie’s Writing and Reading Group + How to Find Us on Social Media

Join our Facebook Group for writers and readers! Including writing prompts and information on a variety of forms, unique poems and short stories, writer collaboration and more. Prefer a more hands off approach? Join our FB page, follow us on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn! Continue reading Mykie’s Writing and Reading Group + How to Find Us on Social Media

Building Your Blog Brand on Pinterest

As self-publishing authors, bloggers are in the position of having to constantly sell ourselves and our “wares.” It’s not enough to write and post, you have to promote it, too. Any blogger succeeding out there will tell you that it’s all about utilizing social media and putting your stuff out there in front of the faces that want to consume it. You simply cannot build … Continue reading Building Your Blog Brand on Pinterest

Poetry: Adrienne Dies

There are few poets more important to me than Adrienne Rich. Her words found me in a community college “Women’s Literature” course. I didn’t know exactly what was going to be covered in that course; I just loved literature and women’s writing and thought I would enjoy it. It turned out to be the course that would guide my studies and shape the course of my life. Adrienne Rich spoke to me in ways I didn’t know existed, about ideas I didn’t know belonged to anyone else. It was largely the life and poetry of Rich and women like her that motivated me to apply to the creative writing program at Bowling Green State University with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Continue reading Poetry: Adrienne Dies