Mykie’s Writing and Reading Group + How to Find Us on Social Media

Join our Facebook Group for writers and readers! Including writing prompts and information on a variety of forms, unique poems and short stories, writer collaboration and more. Prefer a more hands off approach? Join our FaceBook page, follow us on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn!

I’m proud to announce our new Facebook group, Mykie’s Writing and Reading Group. I envision the group as a collective of writers and readers who share their work (and/or other writings they find that they love) and provide respectful feedback when asked. We’ll stick to the themes of the blog in group; writing, blogging, freelance writing, and creative writing. I’ll share writing prompts and post the work of others to enjoy as well.

If you’re looking for a forum to meet other writers, find prompts, read and discuss some great poetry, short stories, and essays, our Facebook group is for you! All writers are welcome, regardless of experience level or the type of writing you focus on. To join us, simply follow the link: Mykie Writes It Facebook Group. We hope to see you there!

Other Ways to Follow

If you’re interested in receiving this supplemental content, but prefer less interaction, you have a couple of other options:

  1. Join us on Twitter: @MykieWrites
  2. Join us on Our Facebook Page
  3. Connect with me on LinkedIn

Finally, I haven’t started a brand page for Mykie Writes It on Pinterest, but I do have a Poetry, Short Stories & Writing Board for all writers. There’s also a Spoonie Bloggers Group Board for those who concentrate on chronic illness in their writing. Feel free to join whichever is appropriate for you! Shoot me a message or just click the “Join Group” button at the top of each group page (you may need to follow me first to see it).

A mailing list with newsletter is also in the works. For now, get all our new posts by following the blog directly by clicking the pink “FOLLOW” button on the right menu.

Have your own groups or Pinterest boards? I’d love an invitation! Please comment below with yours so me and my readers can check it out! No worries! I’ll approve your link.

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