Prose Poem: Pan, Peter Pan.

Another poem from my love, sex and relationship series. Like “First Girl,” this one has some teeth. Comments and critiques are welcome! Thank you.

Pan, Peter Pan

I could have nailed my broken marriage on you, as you have done with me, but I know how to take responsibility. It took me sloppy seconds to know who you really were; a lesson I paid dearly for. You were an excuse. Very simple. Nothing more. A way of ripping off the band-aid without being a bore. How could it have been any other way? You’d have to matter to actually be to blame.

by Michelle Beltano Curtis

All Rights Reserved. โ€œPan, Peter Panโ€ may not be reprinted without permission.

"Pan, Peter Pan" by Michelle Beltano Curtis is definitely not your typical love poem. No flowers and candy here. Just one woman's truth about how things got so damned messed up when she rekindled one old flame. Some might call it an anti-love poem.

10 thoughts on “Prose Poem: Pan, Peter Pan.

  1. Thanks so much, Jo. Without a doubt, I’m loving it! The fact that I’m writing it again and keeping a lot more than I pitch kind of feels like a miracle to me. How are you doing? I see you’re keeping up with blogtober quite well!


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