Blogging Blunders Made Running Multiple Blogs

If you ever want your blog to fail, just use the same username and gravatar as you do for another blog. It’s the perfect recipe to get ignored. 🙄 Of course, I’m being tongue-in-cheek. We all want our work to be seen and enjoyed by others, no matter how many blogs or websites  we run or write for. I had to learn this lesson for myself the hard way.

I learned this quickly when I switched to using only one account for both blogs, shortly  after setting this one up. In the blogging world where we depend on one another for support, comments, likes and views to help get the ball rolling, I learned about the worse thing you can do is run two blogs using the same username.

I didn’t start out using the same username. I just got tired of switching accounts and wasn’t sure whether there was actually a need for it. Let me assure you there is. Every time I’d publish something on Mykie Writes It, I’d do what I normally do and visit the work of some other blogs like mine to generate likes and shares and get the ball rolling. Only when another blogger clicks on the notification that they’ve received a comment or like, people were getting sent to my health and wellness blog The Zebra Pit, instead.

Naturally, I appreciate the added attention to the Zebra Pit, but this blog is withering on the vine and I certainly can’t have that. So, I’ve gone back to my two account strategy and re-invited myself to this blog. I hope it doesn’t give me split personalities! 😁

I’m sure what it will give me is twice the blogs to read, but who could possibly complain about reading the great work of my peers on WP?! Besides, my creative work matters quite a lot to me and I want the world to see it. In order to do that, I’m going to need a little help from some friends.

💐 Welcome back friends! Kick back, enjoy some coffee, ☕️ tea or a nice stiff 🥃 drink, and settle in for a little reading. 📖 You might have some catching up to do!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you come back! Please click like so I know you were here! 😘😘

Mistakes Made Running Multiple Blogs - Learn from me! Mykie Writes It.

16 thoughts on “Blogging Blunders Made Running Multiple Blogs

  1. Yeah, both of mine were listed on my gravatar, too. When I click your pic, it goes to your site and not to your Gravatar profile. In fact, there doesn’t even appear to be a way to just click and get to.a gravatar using the mobile app or mobile browser. Of course it’s really only a problem if you’re relying on community support to grow your numbers.

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  2. Thanks for the warning…. I only have one blog right now, and feel like I’m chasing my tail trying to keep up with everything that goes along with blogging, but I have thought of doing a separate one for some of my posts. You know that saying, “forewarned is forearmed” so I’m thankful you brought this up.

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  3. Oh, so it’s a mobile site issue. I have no problem on my PC. If I click a Gravatar, it takes me to it and from there I can see all the blogs, as long as that person added them. But, the min blog is the one that shows as the title, which is why I chose my name lol Nothing’s ever easy. 😦

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  4. I have two different blogs, not sure about the gravator but when I comment or follow a blog it is always the first blog I set up. My second new blog has few followers despite me trying to create a following… I’m not sure how I separate them as they are on one hosting account.. and yes same word press account as I switch between them.. blogging is so confusing!

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  5. It really can be confusing, can’t it? I was so upset when I figured out what was going on. What I did, and I don’t know if this will work well for you, but it may be worth a try…. I created a second account using another email address and then invited it to be an admin for the new blog. Then I reassigned the author on what I had already put out so everything was linear and I make sure all new posts get published under the new account. I still have both accounts on there so I can do quick little things on the other. You just have to remember to switch accounts when reading and commenting, but it keeps everything separate so people come and read the blog you want them to in exchange. I hope it helps!


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